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About Us is one of the world’s leading astrology sites, providing date of birth charts and astrology horoscopes and interpretations

We pride ourselves on delivering highly accurate natal birth charts and astrology interpretations, all beautifully written and presented.

Our detailed and carefully researched date-of-birth horoscopes are delivered to you in a fast and friendly manner, providing superb customer service.

Many of the interpretations are by astrology expert Marise Payne, covering delineations for all possible sign and house combinations of each planet, Sun through Saturn.

Our highly personal birth chart natal interpretations include the delineations for the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the signs and houses, the planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the houses, interpretations of the chart aspects starting with the strongest aspects, and all the sign interpretations for the Ascendant and the Sun, Moon, and planets through Pluto, plus all the aspects, the three most dominant planets and signs in the chart, and the abundance or lack of elements and modalities in the chart.

The profiles contain a high degree of astrological insight and compassion and prove an ideal way for parents to learn more about the personality of their baby or young child. has two of the cutest figureheads imaginable! Our Baby Boy and Baby Girl characters have become much-loved symbols of our Child Astrology Profiles. As yet they don’t have names… is powered by family publishing company Feud Media, who own other information and entertainment websites including – the  leading website for London Theatre.

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